Long tail cast on photo tutorial for lefties

After my previous post on combined continental knitting, I asked the lovely people on Ravelry if there were any other photo tutorials that would be useful. I got two suggestions for long tail cast on, so here we go…

Start with a slip knot

Where to put it? You’ll need quite a bit of a tail (hence the long tail name) to create your stitches. How long depends on how many stitches you’re casting on. The photo below will get you about 8-10 stitches on a medium to small sized needle, but I find it’s always better to overestimate – it’s quite annoying to get to the end of the tail and still need to cast on a few more stitches.

Most people probably know this bit already, but in case you don’t:

length of wool

Start with a length of wool...

loop of wool

... and twist it to create a loop

slip knot

Pull one side of the length through the loop to make the slip knot

slip knot on needle

Place your slip knot on the needle

Yes, you can use the needle to create your slip knot, but I never do.

Get your hands right

Start with your tail on the right side (closer to the point of your needle) and the wool attached to the skein/ball on the right side (closer to the end of your needle)

holding the wool for casting on

Make an L with your right hand, then wrap the tail end around your thumb, the wool end around your pointer finger and hold firm with your other fingers

Casting on a stitch

starting the cast on

pull the needle towards you, between your fingers...

going under the thumb to create a stitch

...put the tip of the needle under the tail wool wrapped around the front of your thumb

picking up wool to make a stitch

pick up the wool wrapped around your pointer finger...

creating a cast on stitch

... and pull it through the wool around your thumb to create a stitch

tightening the new stitch

finish the stitch by dropping the wool off your thumb and pulling the tail to tighten it up

set up hands again for next stitch

wrap the wool around your fingers again and repeat

2 thoughts on “Long tail cast on photo tutorial for lefties

  1. I’m a beginner knitter (and a lefty, of course) — THANK YOU so much for this! I’m enrolled in a knitting course for my fashion design BFA, so really, you saved my grade with your blog, haha!

    • HI EJ,

      Thanks so much for your comment – you made my day! If there are any other lefty knitting tutorials that would help, just let me knowl.

      Good luck with your course.


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