A new zip for an old dress

I hate mending. I hate fixing mistakes. I’m much more interested in trying something new. But I’m also a bit impatient, which means there are frequently things to fix or mistakes to rectify.

This dress was made quite a while ago. It was quite a success – a good choice of hardwearing but flowing material, a simple pattern, a nice simple and elegent fit.

I had it for a few years before I made some adjustments for the bust (I made this before I really understood how to adjust patterns for a bust larger than a B cup). Then I happily wore it for a few years before the day a few month ago when the zipper split. Unfortunately, it didn’t split as I was getting dressed in the morning, so I could choose to change my outfit. No, this zipper split after a lunchtime yoga class, when my only option was to fix it or attend a meeting in a vest and shorts (not a good, professional look by anyone’s standards). Luckily, a fellow yogi got the zipper together again and I was able to attend my meeting with dignity. But I knew when I got home that I couldn’t chance that again.

It took a few weeks, but I finally replaced the zipper. In the end, I’m glad it was done, but I did avoid doing it for ages. It’s just not as interesting to revisit old projects, no matter how much you love them, is it?


One thought on “A new zip for an old dress

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