A cardigan for Ken

When I first started knitting, I got all excited about the things i could make. And I offered to make a nice warm, cashmere-like woolen hat for Ken. I picked out a lovely wool and dutifully knit a cap. Ken wore it once, but then said it was uncomfortable at the seam and edge. So I offered to make it again. He was rightly skeptical but said OK.

I frogged the first cap and did it again.

He wore it once. No good – it still wasn’t comfortable.

I didn’t knit anything for him again for a long time. Then he said he wanted a stripey scarf. I was more experienced now and figured I could make a scarf he would like. We chose the wool and agreed the pattern. I made it. He liked it. Success!

Until I decided to wash it.

It ended up felted – far too small, not at all comfortable.

Both prjects are in the bottom of a bag somewhere, as I can’t bring myself to throw them out. So when Ken asked if I would make a cardigan for him, I was more than a little worried about adding something new to the pile of failures.

I spent some time looking through pattern books and Knitty.com and Ravelry to find a good men’s cardigan. We finally found His Llama Cardigan inVeronik Avery’s Knitting Classic Style.

A cardigan is a big time commitment. I told him he had to wear it, at least around the house, even if it was too small and uncomfortable and ended up felted. He agreed. We went wool shopping – Ken was appalled at how much some of the wool cost. We went for an acrylic blend (no felting on this one then) and spent under £30. (And, on a related note, this trip helped inspire the fabulous Knitting Calculator app for Android, developed by Ken, and a bargain at 99p!)

So, nearly two months of knitting, which involved lots of obsessive measuring and a couple of days lost due to the need to rip out mistakes, and we have a finished cardigan.

So far, so good. He wears it around the house, and last weekend he wore it out to lunch. Success!


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