Goodbye to this dress?

This is another dress from a little while back. The fabric was an on-the-spot purchase at a John Lewis clearance sale. Lovely, lightweight synthetic by John Kaldor.

I really liked the pleats across the neckline, although they looked better on the pattern envelope than in reality, I think.

I made some adjustments to the pattern that didn’t really work, which meant that although I originally tried to lengthen the dress, other adjustments made the straps too long and the neckline too low – so I had to sacrifice the length of the dress to avoid the dress being a bit indecent up top.

As the fabric was fairly thin, I added a lining to the whole dress instead of using the facings.

Unfortunately, this may be the last time I wear this dress, as it hasn’t stood up to washing. I didn’t take note of the care instructions when I bought the fabric and tried to wash it in the machine. It seemed to be ok, so I continued to wash it over time. Unfortunately, it now seems this was the wrong move and the fabric is threadbare in many places and there is a hole near the hem at the front. 😦 If I can’t wear it anymore, I may take it apart and start using the fabric for pocket linings or other bits and pieces.


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