Tidying up a project with some crochet

I read the Yarn Harlot’s Hooking because I have to post not just for the great title, but because I was interested to know how adding crochet on the inside of a garment can give it stability and possibly, if you do it right, gather it in a bit. I made this Michael Kors jumper about a year after I started knitting:

I love it. I’m really proud of it. But it suffers, like many of my projects do, from my laziness in measuring things as I go. So as much as I like it, it always bothered me that the sleeve seams fall on my upper arm, not at the edge of my shoulder as they should.

So I did a little experiment and tried to add a chain of crochet, skipping a few stitches of knitting for each chain in the crochet, in an effort to pull up the sleeves a bit. I also added a chain of crocet around the neckband to assist. So here’s the final result:

Not perfect, but I reckon it’s better. I was hoping for a more drastic result, as I have a knitted dress that needs all kinds of hoisting up in all sorts of areas…


One thought on “Tidying up a project with some crochet

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