Finished 1940’s S-curve dress

Loved this pattern when I first saw it. And waiting quite a while before attempting it, because the S-curve looked like quite a challenge. And it didn’t seem like the kind of thing you would wear often.

This fabric wasn’t purchased for this project – it was osmething I bought because I liked the colour when I saw it in Malaysia. It’s a blousing fabric, originally from Japan. I was worried it would be too thin, but in the end, it’s worked out well.

Having said that, this thing drove me crazy. I made a toile and discovered what changes needed to be made. I didn’t transfer those changes to the pattern as meticulously as I should have. And I didn’t properly research lowering the bust point while simulateously englarging the bust on a dress with french darts. Those darts drove me crazy and didn’t turn out great. But overall, the dress is elegant, the colour is still great and most importanly, it’s done.

This was only my second attempt to do thread button loops and it didn’t go great. I thought I had lined things up well, but once I tried it on, there is quite a lot gap. Will probably try and redo these in embroidery thread, when I can be bothered. Loved the buttons though – were a find at Liberty’s and I like that they add a bit of colour and interest on the back.


3 thoughts on “Finished 1940’s S-curve dress

    • Thanks – but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be! I reckon it would be much harder if you had to make a lot of adjustments – knowing how to begin trying to adjust it was the hardest bit. The gathered curves at the front were pretty straightforward. I reckon your Rockabilly Plum Shirt looked way more complicated!

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