Organising sewing stuff

I got an Amazon gift voucher for my birthday from my in-laws. I followed the example of my father-in-law, who used his own birthday Amazon gift voucher to buy a sewing box (his Christmas present was darning needles, thread and lesson on how to darn socks!)

I have a lot of sewing related stuff, so I bought a giant box, which will sit beside my two smaller boxes.

The pictures below show how each box is used.




This one (a lunchbox based on a video game) for the stuff you use in every day sewing – chalk and marking pens, embroidery scissors for cutting thread, pin cusion, seam ripper, etc







For pattern drafting materials, scissors, machine needles, rotary cutter and machine feet – basically everything for getting ready to sew








For all knick knacks (snaps, fastners, buttons, embroidery hoops and thread, for example)









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