Cooking with spice

We’ve been trying out at least one new recipe every weekend. Keeps things interesting and encourages me to use all the lovely cookbooks I own.

This weekend’s theme was spice. Made Madhur Jaffrey’s Bombay-style chicken with red split lentils. Was tasty, better the second day and rather delicately spiced – we both thought it could be improved by a bit more chili or chili sauce, but that might just be us.

Lunch was Roasted pumpkin apple soup. I read about it on Casey’s Elegant Musings and thought it sounds like the perfect way to use the squash we get in our vegbox.

I followed Casey’s advice and added some spice – some cumin, garam masala, cayenne and tumeric – and used granny smith apples. We put almonds on top and skipped hazelnut oil. Very tasty – spicing was definitely the way to go, you could really taste the apple, which made the butternut squash much more interesting, and the nuts added texture. Will definitely make this again sometime.


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