At last, a simple brown cardigan

I love the colour brown. It may be the ultimate ‘Jeni colour’. And I love cardigans – so practical. But I have never owned a brown cardigan. It has to be the right colour brown and it has to be pretty plain. Have never found this in the shops.

So, I made one. I won’t say it’s the ‘perfect’ brown cardigan, but it’s pretty great. I love the knitted on band on the front edges and while I didn’t love doing the whole thing in moss stitch, it turned out pretty cool.

ended up quite liking this 'action' shot...

What I liked about this Minimalist Cardigan:

  • Knitted on band
  • Overall fit
  • Moss stitch (although knitting it was a small hassle)
  • The wool used

I’m not sure I’ve ever made something that didn’t have at least one small mistake or area that could have been done better. So, in the interest of transparency, this project’s mistakes…


  • Could not get the Kitchener stitch on the back band correct. I have done this many times before with no problem. This time, I couldn’t do it after two tries. This is a technique I don’t fully understand, so have always just followed instructions. Should probably really learn how it works so this doesn’t happen again.
  • I sewed on the first sleeve for the wrong side was on the outside. Not a big deal, as the moss stitch looks the same front and back. The ribbing on the sleeve cuffs is not as intended, but thankfully I realised what I’d done and made sure the second sleeve matched the first.

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