Athina + the (sewing) machine

I have to admit, when the lovely Athina said to me “I would love to learn to sew” outside The White Horse Pub at Matt’s birthday drinks over a year ago, I didn’t know whether to take it seriously. I often find people say things they don’t really mean when drinking is involved.

But Athina was serious. And after a few lessons in the basics of reading a pattern and understanding fabrics, she was off and learning and making her own stuff at amazing speed and with great results. And all on a borrowed machine!

She finally decided to buy her own machine and did research. She found a few in the right price bracket and wanted to check them out. I suggested she actually try them out – like test driving a car, you don’t really know if you’ll like a machine until you try it.

So off to John Lewis, where the nice salesman showed us two machines. A big boxy grey workhorse of a Singer and a sleeker Janome. Neither of us liked the Janome. But the Singer wasn’t in stock.

Athina did more research – there was another Singer at Sainsbury’s for a good price. Computerised instead of mechanical, but she liked the Singers. She bought it and tried it – no good, it was sent back.

Back to John Lewis – yes, she still liked the workhorse. More research. And behold! Argos had the next version of the workhorse for just a little more. She reserved it and yesterday, we went to pick it up.

There was much excitement. And she couldn’t wait to get it out of the box – so despite having no fabric or thread, we set it up in a meeting room and ran it just to hear it go.

She looks happy eh? 🙂

Looking forward to the first project to come out of this new pairing of woman and machine – I’m sure it’ll be great!


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