But what good are gloves without fingers?!

Well, they’re good for those times when your office is a bit too cold and your wrists start to feel chilly and achy but you still need to type.

These were an easy, in-between project to use up some leftover wool. The pattern was free on Ravelry. My Twinkle cabled coat (from Vogue Knitting Fall 2007 issue), started at the end of November, has been a trial the whole way through. It’s the first project that makes me wish I had learned to knit right handed. Reversing and rewriting the pattern so the pattern in the wool looks right when knitted in a left-handed combined method is/was driving me NUTS.

Plus, that cabled coat is made from huge chunky wool on huge chunky needles – far too large to take on the bus for some pre/post work knitting. So these little beauties were easy and the perfect portable size.

I have also discovered they’re not bad for keeping your wrists warm during yoga! Win!


One thought on “But what good are gloves without fingers?!

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