A small project in the presence of in-laws

I finished knitting, blocking and sewing my Twinkle coat just before the in-laws arrived. I just needed buttons. The finished project was huge (in the amount of lap space it occupied, not in size on the body), so I was pleased to finish it before the couch got busy.

But I like to always have something on the needles, so was searching around for a small and easy project to do while watching old films on TV. More fingerless gloves it is then!

These weren’t on my list of things to complete. But they were small, quick (finished in about 4 days of casual knitting), and used up some old wool I had lying about.

I thought they might be useful, like the other fingerless gloves, for typing. But they are thick enough they make my fingers splay out a bit too much to type accurately.

I was envisioning more green stripes, but didn’t really plan it well.

So overall, I feel a bit ‘meh’ about them.

Still, I now know how to create fingers on gloves, should I ever decide to make some again. It really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.


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