I’m so going to loooove this dress…

I spent some serious time this weekend in front of the sewing machine. I have two more weekends to finish Marfy F1359 before the IITT awards on 3 Feb 2011.

I definitely think I chose the right fabric – the colour is great and it has a lovely shine. As it’s polyester satin (as opposed to silk), it can be washed, pressed with a steam iron, is less likely to snag and is easier to sew. Nevertheless, cutting out the pieces for this dress last weekend was a serious chore*.

There are a couple pieces that didn’t fit together as well as they should – I managed to coax them into place. And the corners at the hip line are a real challenge. But the lines and fit of this dress are fantastic and I’m really excited to see the final finished product. And did I mention how comfortable it is going to be?

Next up is figuring out the lining, attaching the lining to the dress and doing that massive hem at the bottom. Am considering horsehair, if I can get it in time. But am wondering if there is a better option?

So far, so good – I LOOOOVE it!

* Not only is it made up of many, many pieces to be cut on the bias, Marfy patterns have no seam allowances and contain no instructions or fabric layouts – you have to know what you’re doing and figure out how it works best. The process took hours and hours…

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2 thoughts on “I’m so going to loooove this dress…

  1. Hi Jeni! Thanks for your comment over on my blog: the shoes are by Camper, style “Mamba” and you should still be able to find them in an online sale for much less than the RRP.
    Your dress is looking amazing! Look forward to seeing you modelling it after your big occasion!

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