2 for 1: green things I made

These aren’t new – in fact, they’re a little old. But I figure I’ll start recording all the things I’ve made, not just the new ones.

So, I present a stripey green dress and an olive green cardigan:

The cardigan is the oldest and is the first thing I ever knit for myself.

The pattern is a modular pattern from Vogue Knitting

It’s very warm and I wear it quite a bit, although it’s getting a bit worn and the shoulder seams are atrocious.

The dress is Vogue, I think

The fabric is a lovely woven lightweight blend from Malaysia. Whenever we visit my husband’s grandparents, my mother-in-law takes me to the fabric store to stock up on great fabrics for cheap. She even does the bargaining for me, to get an even better deal.

I decided to line it with a lightweight cotton as it was a little thin. Kind of wish I’d put proper pockets in, instead of just doing the mock pocket flaps.


2 thoughts on “2 for 1: green things I made

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