Something to keep me busy for the next year or so…

I often don’t buy fabric or patterns for specific projects. I’ll buy fabric when on holiday, as a sort of souvenir. Or stock up on patterns when there is a good sale on. Or go to Alexandra Palace for the Knitting and Stitching Show and go crazy.

Last week was an example of stocking up on patterns, as the lovely Athina and I purchased 24 patterns between us during the Vogue/McCalls/Butterick sale. They were only $2.99/$3.99 each! Normally they would cost something like $10-$40 each in London. So how could we pass that up? Even with the exorbitant shipping costs (yes, we spent more on shipping than on the actual patterns themselves), they ended up a bargain at £5 each (about $7-$8).

So this weekend I took my stack of patterns and my stack of collected fabric and had a look to see what, if anything, would match up. In the end, I matched most of the new patterns to existing fabrics. Adding this to the queue of things already on the sewing table, I’ve got 11 projects lined up. Should keep me out of trouble for a while…

From bottom left:

  • Butterick 6085 in lightweight cotton check from Ipoh, Malaysia
  • Vogue 8598 in brown silk from the Ally Pally show a few years back
  • Vogue 7762 in purple t-shirt jersey from Split, Croatia
  • Vogue designer skirt in grey wool from Ally Pally a few years back
  • Vogue 1019 in dusky purple wool blend from Ipoh, Malaysia, with bright lining from Berwick Street in London
  • Butterick 4132 in gorgeous cream synthetic (I think) from the off-cuts sale at Broadway Silks, London
  • Vintage Simplicity coat in gorgeous teal wool from this year’s Ally Pally show
  • Butterick 5559 in a beautiful blue knit wool from this year’s Ally Pally show
  • (centre bottom) Butterick 4386 in black silk from Ally Pally years ago. The white fabric with black line flowers (Ridley Road market) will either line the coat or the dress – not sure which yet
  • (centre top) Butterick 5485 in a periwinkle blouse fabric originally from Japan, bought in Ipoh, Malaysia. This is the remainder from my 1940’s S-curve dress

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