I’m doing it – Me Made March

When I started reading sewing blogs regularly, it was in the middle of Self Stitched September – where a bunch of sewing bloggers take it upon themselves to wear at least one (and in many cases, many more than one) pieces of self-made clothing each day. It’s an opportunity to showcase the things you’ve made and to push yourself to get some wear out of the things you’ve spent so long creating.

I thought it sounded cool and couldn’t wait for the next one to come round so I could take part.

But I’ll admit that when I saw Zoe declaring Me Made March I was suddenly more uncertain. Would I have enough clothing to wear? What if I didn’t want to wear something I made one day? But then I realised that the fashion police wouldn’t arrest me for making a false statement if I slipped up one day. And I remembered other bloggers saying how it was a useful challenge.

So, I waited until the very last day (indeed, the last hours) of February to make my declaration – I will take part in Me Made March. I’ll do my best to wear at least one piece of clothing that I have sewn, knitted, or reworked/refashioned each day in March. So if you see me around, you can guess (or ask) which one piece it is.

And if you don’t see me around, I’ll be posting a summary of the week on the weekends (assuming I manage to get a photo each day – yet another challenge!)


One thought on “I’m doing it – Me Made March

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