So far, so good – progress on Me Made March 2011, week 1

Week 1 of Me Made March is over (ok, it wasn’t a full week, but still…). My strategy was to get some of the ‘trickier’ items out of the way – so there were a lot of items I don’t wear that often, for various reasons.

So, here’s what I wore:

Tuesday: Twinkle cabled coat (bit of a statement peice, doesn’t go with much)

Wednesday: Sparkle! A-line dress (even more of a statement peice, has some fitting issues to be resolved)

Thursday: Llama cardigan

Friday: Scoop neck teal jumper (very loose gauge, which makes it ok, but I don’t love it as much as I might)

Saturday: Olive cardigan (I actually love this – it has pockets, it’s the first thing I ever made myself and someone once said it looked like it was from The Gap. I suspect that was before it got so ‘worn in’)

Sunday: Purple bobble short-sleeved jumper (I was scraping the barrel for weekend wear today. I would not ever normally wear this outfit.)

So, what were the lessons learned?

  1. I really couldn’t do this if I didn’t have so many me-made knitted items. So many items I’ve sewn are suited to summer
  2. I should consider drying my hair before taking photos. But I don’t think I can be bothered.
  3. I really do like to live in jeans, t-shirts and old jumpers (sweaters) at the weekend – none of which are me-made. This is going to be a hard bit of this challenge for me.

Tuesday: Usual photographer away on business....

Wednesday: Photographer says this outfit is 'kooky'. Maybe he has a point...

Thursday: The theme for the week seems to be knitting...

Friday: Photographer says more interesting poses are necessary

Saturday: and the photographer gets artistic with composition

Sunday: please ignore the unmade bed - it's Sunday after all


2 thoughts on “So far, so good – progress on Me Made March 2011, week 1

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