The challenge continues: Me Made March, Week 2

So, week 2 of Me Made March went pretty well. I haven’t had to start repeating items yet, although I suspect I won’t make it through another week without something reappearing.

This challenge has had the following effect on me so far:

  1. It has resurrected my college days style of thermal/long-sleeve shirts under short-sleeved shirts/jumpers. It’s a bit 90’s, but at least it’s warm.
  2. I am probably dressing a bit ‘better’ than I normally do. I can get into a bit of a ‘trousers, shirt and cardigan/jumper’ rut in winter. The fact I have only 2 pairs of me-made trousers means I’m saving them for when I really need them. And that means I’m dressing up a bit more than usual.
  3. Photos of my me-made stuff are getting more interesting – which can only be a good thing. All credit due to the photographer.

So, here is the line up for this past week:

Monday (working from home): Love the colour on this short-sleeved jumper - and this is probably my favourite photo of the week

Tuesday: other than wishing this had real pockets, I love this dress. Fabric came from Ipoh, Malaysia

Wednesday: this boiled wool skirt is part of a suit, although I never really wear the jacket. Brown isn't just my surname, it's also one of my favourite colours.

Thursday: Microfibre trousers, which are comfy, but a bit unstructured. And a guest appearance by Shakey - no, we didn't plan this.

Friday: This dress is over 10 years old, but it's still great. I wore it to our 'wedding celebration' dinner wth the German family

Saturday: green and cream cardigan with tie belt. And more thermal tops under short sleeves - go 90's!

White button-up short sleeved shirt. But of course the real star of this photo is Shakey, the cat.

Want more details?

Well, you can check out my photo stream for this on Flickr for more photos of some of the clothes. And you can see what others are making and wearing.

These were the me-made items:

Monday: green Camden short-sleeved jumper

Tuesday: Green striped Vogue dress

Wednesday: Brown boiled wool skirt

Thursday: Micro-fibre trousers

Friday: Blue sleeveless dress

Saturday: short-sleeved, belted cardigan

Sunday: white button-up shirt


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