No repeats yet… Me Made March, week 3

Well, I’ve managed it, with a little bit of stretching – I’m into week 3 of Me Made March and there haven’t been any repeats. Sort of. On Saturday, my me made item is my winter coat. This is kind of cheating because 1) I actually have worn this every day in March, as it’s still pretty cold in London and 2) I didn’t wear it all day long. I’m sure you’ll forgive me though.

So this week, I wore:

Monday – knit jumper thing, which I didn’t make (although I could have), but rather refashioned by removing a big cowl neck and binding off the neck.

I really like this, even though it's probably a bit of an odd garment. It has pockets - +10 for pockets.

Tuesday blue skirt from the Vogue 8543 suit

The photographer did promise more interesting shots...

Wednesday – my simple brown cardigan, made from the Minimalist pattern

Yes, I'm tall, but not freakishly tall - it is a short door behind me.

Thursday – an old standard, my grey trousers, made ages ago and worn often, despite having terrible welt pockets in the back. Made from the same pattern as last Thursday’s trousers.

Grey, gray and more grey/gray

Friday – my brand new grey trousers – wider legs, with cuffs, and lined. Made from a modified pattern that I also used to make some shorts. You can’t see it, but the pockets are lined with cats. Not real cats. That would be odd. Fabric with cats on it.

Super comfy, super cool trousers - with cats inside! (And big pockets)

Saturday – as mentioned, a bit of a cheat, counting my coat. This is from a Project Runway pattern (Simplicity 2508) and I’ve worn it through Autumn and Winter both this year and last. And that’s despite having made the sleeves just a midge too short. I just bought longer gloves to compensate…

Perhaps I should have called this the Grey Week....

Sunday – borrowed the cardigan I made for Ken for today. It’s quite cosy and nice, and he wasn’t wearing it…

I think Ken did this pose better...

Want more Me Made stuff?

You can see Week 1 and Week 2, or head over to my Flickr set for the whole project (especially if you happen to be playing ‘Spot the Satchel’ like one reader is…)


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