Clearing the loft = tidier sewing space

Later this week, the freeholder will be coming to insulate the loft. So we had to make sure it was free of suitcases, etc so the guys could move around and do their work.

We discovered after we moved in that the previous owners had left quite a bit of crap up there, which we had to move out today along with our own stuff. There were some awful bits of trash, carpet pieces, broken furniture. But there were also some good items.

As I type, Ken is rummaging through all the old LPs we found upstairs. We’ve got Sinatra, Roberta Flack, Chris DeBurgh, Eartha Kitt, Mozart… all sorts. Some of them may be valuable and some of them we may just keep.

In addition, we found exactly the sort of small storage cube I had been thinking I needed. It was in good condition, just very dusty. So after we finished cleaning, I dusted it off and reorganised my space.

Here’s before:

Lots of stuff piled in the corners...

items that need mending precariously piled on a box

bags and bags of 'stuff'

And here’s after:

New tidier space

bottom shelf of my new storage holds patterns and fabric for upcoming projects. Top shelf has patterns without fabric and fabric without patterns

Projects needing fixing now in a single bag

Who knew a dusty morning in the loft would lead to such a nice, tidy space?


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