31 days of unique handmade items – Me Made March concludes

It’s over – and I went the whole month and wore one new thing each day. Didn’t think it was possible, and I had to get kooky to do it, but I succeed. High five!

So what did I learn?

  1. I like how my hair looks in a ponytail better than anything else. Failing that, I should brush my hair more.
  2. I need to sew more tops and trousers – dresses are lovely, but it can get a bit much wearing them every day
  3. I should get kookier – some of my favourite outfits were a bit out there. Also, having lots of interesting coloured tights is cool.

So what did I wear for the last week of the challenge?

Sunday: blue short trousers. Not worn often (no pockets!). They were meant to be trousers, but were too short. Based on the same trousers pattern as Tuesday

My co-model is trying to upstage me, I think...

Monday: Blue and white flower dress. Modified from Vogue 8382

Love this fabric - from Puerto Vallarta. And it has pockets!

Tuesday: Silk matchka trousers, Claire Schaeffer Custom Couture collection, Vogue 7881

Trousers normally reserved for weddings

Wednesday: brown gabardine shorts. I was going to wear this earlier in the month, but thought it didn’t quite work. But I got over that and actually it was one of my favourite outfits.

Finally got round to the whole 'work short' style - like it!

Thursday: cowl top, finished last weekend, from Butterick B4132. I made a size 18 because I thought the armholes weren’t big enough. Probably should have made the usual size 16.

Photographer said this was Mad Men meets modern day meets Martha Stewart meets Betty Crocker. A good thing?

Feeling nostalgic for the whole month? You can see week 1, week 2, week 3, and week 4, or check the whole set of photos on Flickr



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