Handbags at dawn (or actually, around 6pm…)

A couple weeks ago, the strap on my leather handbag broke. I was faced with the prospect of finding another handbag – something which I don’t relish. I don’t LOVE handbags. I like them to be practical (has to be over the shoulder – I will not occupy my hands full time to carry a bag, nor will I keep hoisting something onto one shoulder). I like them not to cost too much  – but to last. I guess I’m kind of picky.

I looked around and saw nothing I liked. And then I remembered coming across a pattern on Made by Rae for the Buttercup Bag. It has a nice shape. And I can make it myself. WIN!

So yesterday I thought I’d do a trial run, using whatever I had in my stash. And within 1 1/2 hours (including printing instructions, cutting out pattern peices and sewing up), I had a new handbag.

The original has a short handle. I simply made it longer so the bag is cross-body now.

I'm not sure where this button comes front - I only know I have just one and it's the only button in my extensive button stash that matched.

Even an interior pocket so my keys don't scratch my phone!

Now, I’m not going to say this is the sturdiest bag of all times. It’ll get very wet in the rain. I think it will start to look at bit wrinkled and worn before too long, because the fabric isn’t very sturdy. But it works – it holds my keys, wallet and phone. It’s out of fabric I really like. And it cost me NOTHING except a little time. Brilliant. I will almost certainly make another in better fabric. Maybe I’ll make several or make them bigger. Who needs to buy a handbag eh?


One thought on “Handbags at dawn (or actually, around 6pm…)

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