Get shorter – the blue and white Puerto Vallarta dress

I made this dress about a year ago, with fabric I picked up in Puerto Vallarta. The fabric was quite cheap, so I still have quite a bit left. I’ve also made a prototype handbag and a pair of baby kimono shoes with it.

This dress is a modified version of Vogue 8382.

I closed up the neckline and added a lining of white bastite. This dress has pockets, which is really great. But after I made it, I realised that I really didn’t like the shoulder straps or the overall length. When I wore this outfit in Me Made March, I suggested I might shorten it. Despite many very kind comments from other seamstresses, who thought the length was fine, I decided to do it.

After fixing the sleeve straps, before shortening the length

Shorter version - cat accessory optional

So, did I make the right decision?


5 thoughts on “Get shorter – the blue and white Puerto Vallarta dress

  1. I like it shorter. It hits your leg in a more flattering way. I also think the cat accessory is very fashionable although I don’t know how practical =)

  2. Definitely the right decision! You could probably go up another couple of inches if you are feeling summery! And I agree – the cat is also very cute!

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