The grey car coat of rarest wool

I bought some Margaret Rose Aran wool at the Knitting and Stitching Show. I remember it being quite a bargain. It had no yardage/meterage, so I bought two giant balls, to ensure I had enough for whatever I wanted to make. Surely two balls at such a massive size would cover anything?!

How wrong I was.

I decided to make this car coat. Lovely cables, pockets, big and cosy – what’s not to love? And surely I would have plenty of wool with these mammoth balls of wool?

I made the giant back peice – one big rectangle  – shortening it by 3-4 inches because I didn’t need it so long.

I made the fronts and one sleeve – and started to get worried. The wool was going faster than expected. But I had faith in the interwebs – surely I could find more wool so I could safely finish my project.

I checked Google – no luck. Odd.

I checked Ravelry, certain someone somewhere had used this wool on some project. Nothing. Not listed in a single project or stash on Ravelry. Amazing. The wrapper had the most minimal info – Margaret Rose Aran, 400g, Brewer St Keighly, and some washing instructions. That’s it.

I posted on Ravelry forums. Someone posted a link to a site, but it wasn’t any good. I got really worried now. No one anywhere seemed to know anything about this wool.

I got desperate – I called up the organisers of the Knitting and Stitching Show and explained my predicament. I explained the location of the stall I had purchased it from and asked if I could have the phone numbers of the sellers in that area. None of them had it. I thought maybe my explanation wasn’t right – I searched through Flickr photos of the day, hoping to spot the stall in the background of some shot, to give me a  lead on who I bought this from. I saw over 800 photos – no stall.

I tried Ravelry forums one more time. And had luck (of a sort). Someone knew of a shop on Brewer St in Keighly that sold the wool. They gave me the number.

I called. The nice lady on the phone said yes, they did have that wool. What colour did I need? Grey I said. No, we don’t have anymore of that. Just black and charcoal. I asked if anyone else, anywhere else would have this? She said no. The company was out of business and they had all the stock.

So my search was over. I did my best. I know that I could not find that wool anywhere else. <sigh>

I took a little break before I started unpicking the back and fronts to provide enough wool to finish the sleeve and do the collar. I’m glad it’s not a big pile of unfinished cabled mess in the corner.

But it’s not what I was hoping for. It’s too short, for the bagginess of it. And the sleeves ended up quite long. And I really do think it would be better with the shawl collar.

I don’t know if I’ll wear it. Perhaps, by the time it’s winter, I will have gotten over the trauma of the search and the eventual solution enough to cosy up in a car coat of rarest wool…

At least it has pockets!


2 thoughts on “The grey car coat of rarest wool

    • Ooh, I like the way you think. Perhaps once I’m over the trauma of it not working out as planned, I can think more creatively and do something like what you’ve suggested!

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