Drawing bodies and clothing – improved. Faces – not so much…

A while back, I posted about my first attempts to learn fashion illustration. I’ve made some progress, although Ken reckons I still need to work on faces (and he’s right!)

Basic body wireframe

Fleshed out wireframe

I’ve recently started copying illustrations from pattern envelopes and keeping these illustrations on my noticeboard above my sewing machine, to act as inspiration while I’m sewing. Some recent projects:

My purple satin Marfy dress

The cat trousers (not from a pattern envelope, as I drafted these myself from a standard trouser block – on the side are swatches of fabric for the trousers and the lining)

My weekend in Croatia dress

I can do faces, but only if I copy them from somewhere. This was a copy of an illustration I saw at the Design Musuem’s Drawing Fashion exhibit earlier this year.