Linings, pockets and facings – oh my!

These pieces will become pocket linings, waistband facings, small bags or kimono baby shoes

After about 5 weeks of obsessively checking the post at work twice a day, I finally received my two ‘fabric bundles’ from the lovely Sarah of Rhinestones and Telephones, who was having a Too Much of a Good Thing Sale back in April. She was clearing out her stash and selling on bundles of lovely printed cotton. None of the pieces were very large, but there were lovely selections in some of my favourite colours (brown and blue, if you’re wondering) – and shipping was included in the price! How could I say no?

These two pieces are larger. The light blue one on the bottom might be underlining for a top I have planned. I think the top piece is my favourite of the whole bunch. I’m considering a top, maybe the Sencha from Colette Patterns. Any other pattern suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Linings, pockets and facings – oh my!

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