Late to the jeans sewalong party

When Peter of Male Pattern Boldness announced his jeans sewalong, I thought it was finally time to conquer my fear. Jeans is one of the only things* I have never even thought about attempting to sew. Getting a professional look, a great fit – it all seemed like too much of a challenge.

But I’ve decided I must do this. I love jeans but find it very difficult to find jeans that fit just right. How much simpler (and cheaper) if I could sew my own. And Peter, who has been sewing for not all that long, makes some wicked looking jeans. So perhaps I can do this right, with a little guidance from Peter and the other sewalongers.

Peter’s sewalong has been and gone and I didn’t even have my pattern yet. But the pattern has finally arrived, the denim has been pre-washed, now I just need to get off my butt and get started! Any advice?

* Other things I’m not really interested in sewing are knickers, and other forms of basic under-clothing, and neckties.


One thought on “Late to the jeans sewalong party

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