Knitting needle roll – a distraction from jeans

Despite me saying I needed to get on with sewing jeans, I just couldn’t face it this weekend. Instead, I used some of the lovely fabric I recently got from Sarah at Rhinestones and Telephones to make myself a new knitting needle roll.

I previously used a zippered case to hold all my needles, but this meant I had to search through the case each time to find needles that matched. The new roll holds almost all my needles (not the really big sizes, and not the circular ones) and I love the fabrics together.

I didn’t have a pattern for this. A quick search for patterns on the web gave me some ideas and I made it up as I went along.

In addition to the three levels for the needles, I made a little snapped pocket for holding stitch holders. And there is extra fabric at the top and bottom to fold over and keep things tidy (as well as ensuring the needles don’t fall out the top). The roll is tied with some brown grosgrain ribbon on both ends.

A very satisfying creative project. Maybe I’ll get the jeans next weekend…


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