Donut or doughnut?

Sugar doughnuts/donuts

Which is the better spelling?

Searching for a recipe brought up all kinds of interesting facts about the origin of donuts. Like the fact they were a way to use up leftover dough. And ‘nut’ bit probably comes from the fact that some baker decided to tie the dought into knots one day, creating a dough-knot.

Anyways, we’ve been (re)watching Twin Peaks lately, and I had forgotten about the huge spread of donuts that the cops eat quite often. It really made me hanker for a donut. So today I tried to make them myself, as we don’t have the proliferation of donut shops in London that you have in the States. (We do have Krispy Kreme, but not those mom and pop kind of places I remember from my childhood).

Cutting out doughnut shapes

I made the Simple Doughnuts from the Cake Baker site. The first few were nice on the outside, but raw on the inside, so I had to thrown them away. Then the oil got too hot and the next set were cooked on the inside, but burnt on the outside. The final set turned out ok, but not a patch on the doughnuts my grandmother used to make, or the ones my dad would buy for us on the mornings we accompanied him to his ToastMasters meetings.

I’m happy enough with these, but think they could be improved. Anyone have any favourite donut/doughnut recipes to recommend?

I used a tea cup for the outer ring and a water bottle to create the holes


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