What features would you put in a sewing app for Android phones?

In my satchel, I carry around several printouts from the Vogue Patterns website. These printouts contain the pattern info from all the patterns I own, but which I don’t have fabric for yet. If I find myself in a fabric store, I whip out these printouts so I know what type of fabric I need, and how much of it.

But the printouts get grubby and ragged pretty quickly. And what if I’m in a fabric store, but don’t have my satchel? More than once I’ve wished that I had an app on my phone that could tell me what I needed to purchase*. I know there is an app for the iPhone but I have an Android. Every once in a while, I search the Android Market, wondering if someone has made one for the Android yet. No luck.

I do happen to know an Android developer, who has said it wouldn’t be that hard to make one, if he knew what was required**. Personally, I would want to put in pattern details – what fabric is needed and at what lengths, what notions to purchase, etc. I know the iPhone app also lets you put in details of your fabric stash, but I’m not sure that’s so important to me.

So I was wondering – if there was a sewing-related app for your phone, what would it do? Answers in the comments please!

* OK, yes, I could put the details in on a note app or something, but all that typing is tedious. I want something easier to use!

** but this is in no way a promise that he will create one – just setting expectations here.


7 thoughts on “What features would you put in a sewing app for Android phones?

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  2. it would certainly give me an idea as what to buy an where to buy or for that matter what is the exact type of sewing we are looking for….as in design of the sweater, blazer etc.

  3. I would love an app that could also convert yardage/meterage from one width of fabric to another. Sometimes I know how much fabric I need for a wide fabric but can only find what I want in a narrow fabric, so how to calculate the correct amount of fabric to buy would be very useful!

  4. For what you describe, all you need to do is print the info from the Vogue website to a PDF and then store the PDF on your phone. Surely there’s already an Android app to hold PDFs. Mac has Print to PDF built in but I’m pretty sure there are free utilities you can install for Windows.

    I use Bento to keep a custom database on my Mac that tracks fabric, projects, patterns, and notions and syncs to the iPhone, but that’s probably overkill for most people.

  5. Oh, I saw that someone suggested Evernote elsewhere. Grab info from the web, put it in Evernote on your computer, Evernote syncs it to Evernote on the phone.

  6. I just recently built a sewing app for my wife recently–but she wanted exactly the reverse of what you’re talking about, more like the fabric stash app you mentioned. However, it might not take much work to turn it into something that served your purposes. If you want to take a look at what I’ve put together, shoot me an email.

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