Lovely items from KnitNation

for leafy patterned socks, inspired by Ms W

I went to KnitNation in London last week with the lovely Ms W from the LSE Knitting Circle. The room was rather small, and packed full of (mostly) women looking at and fondling bits of hand-dyed wool and endless hanks of sock yarn.

Ms W knits gorgeous socks, so I was inspired to try socks once again. I’ve done it before, but rarely wear them. I’m hoping this stunning green wool in a lovely leaf pattern will result in more wearable items. Also, I think SparkleDuck is an awesome company name.

for a very Jeni-coloured striped jumper

As you may know, I’m more of a jumper fan, and am intending a short-sleeved striped jumper from these ‘Jeni colours’, as my in-laws would say.

I have and use some rather cheap but utilitarian stitch markers, but have wanted something more interesting for a while. There was no shortage of interesting markers at KnitNation, but I only got these. I kind of wish I’d gotten the ones in the shape of chillies instead though…

not as chili-shaped as they should be, I think


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