A new cardigan in the middle of July? Well, it is England

lovely cardigan, goofy face. Typical.

Some people can’t understand knitting during Summer. These people don’t live in Britain, where July can be full of rain storms and chilly temperatures. So I fully expect to wear this cardigan to work in the next few weeks, when the temperature drops a couple more degrees.

I think I had to take up knitting when I came to Britain. I like to sew summery dresses and short-sleeved shirts – which don’t get much wear. But there’s always room for more cardigans.

But enough complaining about the weather. On to the cardigan…

The pattern is Morning Echo from Yarn Forward July 2009 magazine. I knit it up in Rowan Organic DK wool, which was really lovely to work with. As many others on Ravelry had noted, I had to go down several needle sizes to make something that was fitted. The pattern was straight forward and I like that the body is all one piece (no side seams) and there is shaping at the waist. I did lengthen it by a few inches in the body and sleeves.

Overall, I’m very pleased – it’s a simple, lovely garment in a gorgeous colour. I do love a good cardigan on a rainy summer day.



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