Slow sloper progress

Back peice with thread-traced seam lines

Progress on my master block/sloper has been slow. After pattern adjustments, I quickly cut out the pattern pieces from muslin and then considered how best to mark them. Each piece needs all notches, dots, darts, seamlines and fitting lines (such as bust level, waistline, hip line, etc) marked.

The easy option would be tracing paper, but I only have white and yellow, which don’t show up on the natural coloured muslin.

In the end, I laid the pattern piece on each bit of muslin, carefully folded back the pattern pieces and marked all lines with chalk. As this would quickly brush off, I then thread traced each line. Construction lines like darts are marked on the wrong side, in grey thread. Fitting lines, such as bust line or waistline, are marked on the right side with dark blue thread.

This took most of the week. The weekend then was spent doing things other than sewing. So progress is being made, but only slowly.

Next step – sewing the pieces together and doing a first fitting!


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