Sloper: first fitting fail

either my torso got shorter...

I got round to the first fitting of my sloper this weekend. But I use the term fitting in the loosest sense. Is it possible my torso got several inches shorter in the last few weeks? Or was I just really crap at the original measurements and subsequent calculations?

If I put the waist, hip and bust lines where they should be, I get this great wad of fabric crinkled up around my mid-section. When I was altering the patterns according to my measurements, I put a few inches length there. So I must have measured wrong because I reckon if I hadn’t added anything, this would have been about right in the fitting. Now, I have to remove those few inches – much harder to do on the muslin once made up. Live and learn, right?

... or I really screwed up the measurements

Lesson learned: the instructions about getting a friend to help? As difficult or awkward that might seem, measuring yourself is at least as bad, if not worse.


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