The jumper pillow

Once a v-neck jumper, now a rectangular pillow cover

About a year ago, one of my favourite cosy and soft jumpers got a big raggedty hole at the back neck.

The relegated the jumper to the ‘only for wearing at home when slobbing around’ section of the closet.

Last week, while doing aforementioned slobbing around, I realised that the jumper had even more holes – this time in the front and along the sleeves. I decided it really shouldn’t be worn anymore. Not even if it’s only the husband and cat around to witness my slovenly dress.

Holy holes batman!

But the Merino wool is so lovely to the touch, and the bottom section of the jumper was fine, so I was struck with inspiration. I used the undamaged section of the jumper to cover the throw pillow that has sat on top of my sewing pile for the past 8 months, waiting for me to decide on a covering. Eureka!

And thus, the beloved jumper has become a lovely cushion cover.


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