The slightly too large green and white stripey top

I was excited to knit this top from Vogue Knitting, after purchasing the lovely wool at KnitNation early this summer. The colours were lovely (very ‘Jeni’ colours) and knit up nicely. And it seemed it would be (and indeed was) a quick top to knit up before the end of Summer.

Despite my goofy grin in the photo, I find the end result is a bit meh. It turned out larger than expected, despite carefully checking the gauge and picking the right size. It’s comfy, and I still love the colours and wool. But it feels like it should be more fitted. And the shoulders threaten to slip off throughout the day.

Since its outing, I’ve added some lingerie snaps, to keep the shoulders in place by attaching them to my bra straps. These were made by attaching snaps to bias binding and tacking the binding to the shoulders. I haven’t tried it out yet, but have found these kinds of snaps really useful on other ready to wear clothing.


One thought on “The slightly too large green and white stripey top

  1. I like this sweater, you did a great job on it.
    I wonder if you could shrink it slightly by getting it damp & machine drying it for a few minutes?
    I guess you’d have to be really careful.
    I really like the stripes.

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