The quick project that took ages: the paisley top

I still haven’t finished my sloper pattern. It may never get done. It’s lots of hard work with little fun or interesting to show for it. So rather than beat myself over the head with that not being finished, I decided to do a quick project: Butterick B5484

As I’ve said before, I’m lazy. This was meant to be a quick hit, using my favourite bit of fabric purchased from Sarah at Rhinestones and Telephones a while back. I had just enough fabric to do it. But then I realised I’d never done a FBA for this kind of top, which doesn’t have darts. I did some half-hearted research and found nothing. So I just thought I’d make the sides longer, thus giving me more fabric to gather, which would give more room.

I’m sure many of you are shaking your heads in dismay at my silly mistake. More fabric alone wouldn’t do it – I would also need more length on the pieces. Otherwise, the gathers would cut across me at a weird place. I realised this too late. So much for a quick win.

In the end, I relied on the busyness of the print to hide the fact I had to add extra fabric to the top pieces. Then the gathers looked awful – too much going on making it look bulky and wrong. Much unpicking and swearing later, I decided pleats would look better. I finally ended up with something halfway decent. But I only say halfway. I don’t love this as I thought I would. It’s ok, but I don’t see it becoming a staple of my wardrobe, even if I did get the wrap to work so it didn’t gape and wasn’t showing off too much. I think I need to make those pleats into darts. As my husband said when he took the photo “It’s not a good look”.



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