I’m a citizen!

Last Monday, I fulfilled a dream I’ve had since high school and officially became British.

Having lived here since 2002, I considered myself a bit of an honourary Brit. But now it’s official, and I get to vote, serve on a jury, have a British passport, and be part of the EU. Yippee!

The ceremony took place at Islington Town Hall, a rather stately and lovely old government building. We congregated in the main chamber, made our pledges to the Queen and her heirs, and then went up one by one to receive our certificates from a local councilman. The soundtrack was, somewhat fittingly, the greatest hits of the Beatles, played on some guy’s iPod and piped through the room. And it all concluded with an exhortation to vote and a somewhat lacklustre singing of the national anthem.

I didn’t make anything new for the day – ran out of time – much to the disappointment of Ms M, who was looking forward to some corgi socks or some other satorial nod to British greatness. But I did wear my Maggy London (hey, that’s fitting isn’t it?) designed blue wool jersey dress, made from Butterick B5559. And celebrated the day by visiting the fantastic shops of Goldhawk Road, beautifully described on other blogs (Did You Make That? and Fehr Trade to be exact).

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