Gold on Goldhawk Road

After my citizenship ceremony a couple weeks ago, I took myself down to the fabulous Goldhawk Road and spent a chunk of money to bring home a pile of fantastic fabric.

I told Athina about this fabulous, magical place and we agreed we must go shopping soon. Yesterday, we took the hour-long journey and rocked up to the first shop just as the rain started.

Goldhawk Road fabric shops are concentrated on a short 1-2 block stretch (see this excellent map from Fehr Trade for details). From what I’ve seen, the prices are all similar (so you’re not going to find the same thing much cheaper the next shop over). But each shop has more or less of each different type of fabric and I didn’t notice many repeats except amongst the solids, so they each feel quite unique.

The staff are friendly and helpful without being overbearing. It’s exactly the kind of fabric shopping experience I’ve been wanting in London for years.

I didn’t intend to buy anything yesterday, but decided buying different weights of cotton/muslin was permitted. And a super cute and cheap blue and white striped jersey just couldn’t be passed up. And then there was the blue, brown and white printed cotton I saw in the very first shop we stopped at. I’d seen this fabric at Cloth House in Soho, but decided it was too expensive to buy without a specific project in mind – it was somewhere between £8-12/metre. But on Goldhawk Road, this exact same fabric was a bargain at £2.99/metre – so how could I pass that up?

Other bloggers have mentioned before that the Goldhawk Road fabric stores are in danger of demolition. Fehr Trade has a run down on the situation and you can sign the petition to save the shops online.

So what did I buy?

1. Dark blue linen for trousers, 2. Wool knit jersey for a top, 3. Cotton jersey for a dress, 4. Cotton jersey for a tunic, 5. Cotton jersey for a dress, 6. Stretchy knit for a dress, 7. Lightweight cotton for a top


2 thoughts on “Gold on Goldhawk Road

  1. Loved the trip and everything I bought 🙂 I am so much looking forward to see the top you will make with the fantastic brown-blue cotton fabric 😉 /a

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