Super awesome birthday gift: a 1034D Brother serger

Last week was my birthday. I got many lovely gifts and thoughtful cards. I had an awesome plum cake made for me. It was pretty much an awesome birthday.

But the birthday present that was probably the awesomest, the present that I have coveted for the longest, was a serger. And now I have one. Whoo hoo!

I have wanted one of these bad boys for years. I put off buying one for several reasons – I had never used one before, they can cost a lot of money, I wasn’t sure what kind was best to get, I wasn’t sure if I had space to keep it.

But most of these reasons went away – I used an industrial overlocker (serger) in a sewing class and found it not too scary. I read about Karen’s and Peter’s satisfaction with the Brother 1034D and found out it wasn’t too expensive. And I decided I would FIND space for it – it was my birthday after all.

I spent much of the big day learning to thread the machine, use the different feet, and sewing practice seams – it was great. (OK, may not sound like a great birthday to you, but I loved it).

For those of you unfamiliar with what a serger/overlocker does, check the inside of your shirt or trousers. Go on – I’ll turn my head. See that pattern of threads that covers the edges of the fabric? That’s overlocking. It lends clothes a more professional and sturdy inner life and helps with sewing stretch fabrics. More info can be found, as you would expect, on Wikipedia


One thought on “Super awesome birthday gift: a 1034D Brother serger

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