First use of the birthday serger: the teal tunic

Behold – the first creation using my birthday serger!

This tunic is Vogue 8565, which I purchased years ago. I’m not exactly sure why I bought this pattern – I don’t wear many tunics and once I got it, I didn’t really like it much. So it sat in a pile of unused patterns for years.

On my first trip down to Goldhawk Road at the beginning of September, I bought out a lot of knits (perhaps I knew what I might get for my birthday later in the month?), so pulled out this pattern as a good practice garment. The fabric was cheap (I think it was £4/metre) and since I wasn’t that bothered about the pattern, it seeed like a good trial garment.

Of course not everything was done on the serger – the tucks in the front and the binding were sewn on the Bernina, as were the armhold hems. I did hem the bottom with the serger, but that didn’t come out as well as I would have liked. All in all, pretty successful. Now the question is – will I wear it?


3 thoughts on “First use of the birthday serger: the teal tunic

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