A quick whip round the Knitting and Stitching Show

Despite my two recent very successful shopping trips to Goldhawk Road, I decided I really did need to visit the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace this past weekend. After all, it’s a huge show, only once a year, and it’s only just up the road. I was prepared to go on my own, but when Ken said he would be happy to accompany me, I wasn’t going to pass that up.

I think Ken may have started to slightly regret his offer to come along as soon as we entered the building. The overwhelming number of women was perhaps a little bit of a shock. As we queued for tickets, two lovely older ladies behind us struck up a conversation by commenting that Ken should be wary of pickpockets, with the old of the two demonstrating how by bumping into him, she could perform an effective distraction pick-pocketing move. Ken is quite charming and joked around with the ladies as they regaled us with tales of a stall holder who’d had work stolen off her stall. It was an amusing start to the visit.

Clockwise from top: lovely wool for a skirt, a lightweight fabric of unknown fibre content for a dress or suit jacket, dark blue corduroy for trousers, tweedy wool for a cardigan

I wanted to make a quick trip, but it’s nearly impossible at this show. There are so many stalls, and so many people meandering about looking at things, it’s simply not possible to quickly whiz round to your favourite stalls to find good bargains. I probably should have calmed myself down and gone with the flow, as I quickly found myself becoming uncharitably annoyed by the need to carefully shimmy round distracted ladies with canes and arms full of bags. The Sew Today stall, with its cheap patterns for sale, nearly did my head in as women 2-3 deep shifted about vying for position to browse the boxes of patterns. And in the end, nothing I liked was in my size.

It wasn’t all frustration though, as I came away with three great pieces of fabric and some good priced wool for a cardigan. Maybe next year I’ll have to take time off work and go during the week to avoid the crowds!

Did anyone else go? What did you get?


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