Joining stitches in the round

I had a request for help in understanding how to join your stitches in the round. So here’s another photo tutorial. You might also be interested in Untwisting your stitches in the round

1. Start with your cast on stitches distributed across 3 or 4 needles (depending on the pattern or number of stitches).

2. The needle that your working yarn is attached to should be on the left (here you can see it stretched across behind the needles towards the right, which is the hand I hold the working yarn in). Your needles should form a triangle (or square if using 4 needles) and all the bumps on the bottom of the needle (they appear inwards here)

On the left is the tail from the cast on; on the right I'm holding the working yarn, which is attached to the needle on the left

3. Insert the left-most needle into the first stitch on the right needle – this will join the stitches into a circle/round

Insert your needle as to knit. This shows inserting the needle for combined knitting.

4. Work the stitch as a normal knit stitch and continue knitting round and round the needles. You may find it useful to place a marker at the first stitch, so you know where the round starts.

Pull the wool through as a normal knit stitch...

Pull the stitch off the needle, then continue knitting

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