A lovely new lining for an old coat – but I still wish I had a new coat instead

A few years ago, I made myself a winter coat using the Project Runway Simplicity 2508 pattern. I splashed out on some lovely textured charcoal grey wool, and lined it with some lovely and sturdy blue rayon. It has stood me in good stead through 2 winters (keeping in mind that ‘winter coat wearing weather’ in England lasts for about 8 months).

But this year, I was looking forward to making myself a new coat. I had a lovely vintage pattern picked out and had purchased some great light teal/turquoise wool at the Knitting and Stitching Show just over a year ago.

But then we got pregnant in July and it just didn’t seem like a good idea to invest my time in a coat that I probably wouldn’t be able to fit properly or wear for very long. So I dragged out my old charcoal coat and determined to wear it as long as it still fit.

The problem with the charcoal coat is that the lining hasn’t completely withstood the test of time. There are several spots where the seams have split and it was a little embarassing taking it off in restaurants and such. So I decided to give the coat a new lease of life by replacing with lining with some interesting and fun fabric – black line flowers on white. I don’t know what the fabric is made of, but as it was only £3/meter on the market stall, I reckon it’s a polyester of some sort.

The lining was cut and marked before we went on holiday in November, but I only got round to sewing it up last week. Despite my initial intentions that this would make me happier about continuing to wear a coat whose still I didn’t love anymore,  it didn’t happen. I still really like the print of the fabric, and I think it makes an interesting lining for the coat. But overall, I’m feeling a bit meh about the whole thing.

The lining didn’t go in as smoothly as I’d like and there are problems that I still haven’t fixed (you can just see the lining peeking out of the bottom at the front, probably due to poor measuring and hemming on my part). As I was sewing everything up, I got less and less interested (but once you’ve ripped out the old lining, you’re kind of at a point of no return). By the time it was finished, I was thoroughly bored with it all and wondering if I wouldn’t have been happier just keeping the old ripped lining in after all, and spending my time on something I would have loved more.

So was there a lesson to be learned? I’m not sure. I know that I don’t like fixing things after they’re made up (why can’t all patterns and makes just magically and always fit perfectly?). And that extends to replacing or fixing things due to wear and tear. But I already knew that – so why did I embark on this project? Perhaps the lesson is as simple as this: putting in a lovely new lining on a coat you don’t like anymore still means you’re going to be wearing a coat you don’t like.


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