Not quite the last project of the year: the blue and white stripey dress

The stripes line up on the other sleeve - honest!

In the final days of the year, I’m hoping to make up a maternity tunic or two from a self-drafted pattern. So this blue and white stripey dress, another view/version of McCalls M2401, isn’t quite the last project of the year. The fabric is a lightweight t-shirt knit from Goldhawk Road, meaning this was an incredibly cheap make.

As with the green sweater dress, I omitted the back seam and the darts to make this a roomy dress, perfect for my expanding belly. I also omitted the facings, and used bias binding on the neck edge instead.

In an odd combination of taking my time, then rushing through to finish, I carefully lined up the stripes when laying out the pattern for cutting, then hand basted the side seams so the lines would all match up. And am really pleased with how that all turned out. Then when sewing up, I realised I had sewn (or rather serged) the bias binding on the wrong way. Rather than unpick the serged stitches (because that is a HUGE pain), I did some strange folding and manipulation to try and get everything to turn to the inside. I won’t even explain how because I really wouldn’t recommend it. It’s OK, but not great and I’m not sure my rushed/botched job will haunt me later on…

It's kind of cold right now, so I paired this with a long sleeve white top, my blue cardi, white tights, some blue leg warmers and my fur lined brown boots

I didn’t hand baste the sleeves, figuring they would never line up correctly anyways. But after doing the first sleeve, I discovered that the lines matched up pretty well – without even trying! So on the second sleeve, I made an effort to match the sleeves and… failed. Figures.

It’s a comfy dress and should be lovely in summer. Hopefully it’ll be easy to take in the side seams post-bump.


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