Moosewood Macedonian Salad

Over Christmas, we received a copy of The New Moosewood Cookbook (thanks Mom!) We aren’t vegetarian, but do like to try and eat healthy and figured we’d eat less meat if we knew how to make more tasty veggie meals. The book is fab – full of really interesting recipes, in a handwritten style with hand drawn images – this is quirky and nice, rather than twee (US translation: cutesy/cheesy).

We’ve made two recipes from the book so far – refried beans (which I didn’t blog, because a photo of refried beans rarely looks like anything nice) and this Macedonian Salad. It’s basically a roasted eggplant and veggie salad that you can have on its own or with other mezze type dishes. We had it with hummus, pita, olives and some yogurt on the side. Ken also tried it in a pita as a snack and said it was really good. Luckily, Food Network has put the recipe online if you’d like to try it out.


One thought on “Moosewood Macedonian Salad

  1. Hi there! I’m attending a Macedonian dinner hosted by our foodie group. I’m going to make this salad! I found the recipe on the food network site as you mentioned in your post. Great blog!

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