Homemade maternity trousers for work

Inspired by Minnado’s House, I decided to tackle creating my own pair of maternity trousers. I had this pair of grey wool trousers, made several years ago but which I no longer wore – they seemed the perfect candidate for an experiment such as this.

I had some spare t-shirt jersey in blue, which seemed a good candidate for making the bump band. I tried on the trousers and measured how much jersey would be required to go from the waistband to over the bump. I cut a rectangle of fabric of the right height and width and serged a seam to create a band.

Next step was to cut off the waistband of the old trousers.. I serged the band to the where the old waistband was and tried the trousers again. I had to take a bit off the height of the band and serge the top edge to finish it – and that was it! Easy peasy.

After the first wear, I realised I should have tapered the band to be smaller at the top of the bump. I have been getting around this by pinning out the excess with a safety pin – which is pure laziness, because I could easily add a dart to achieve the same effect. My sewing mojo has been missing of late, however. I’m not that inspired to continue sewing maternity clothes that will only be useful for another 12 weeks. Having said that, I am getting tired of wearing the same 5 outfits all the time, so perhaps it is time to get back to the machine…


2 thoughts on “Homemade maternity trousers for work

  1. I am flattered to have been an inspiration! I knoow what you mean about rotating the same limited number of outfits vs. the effort of making something you will only need for 12 weeks. I guess you will move into another season though as you reach the end of the pregnancy, so does that mean you will need different clothes? The trousers look good and nobody need know about the safety pin!

    • Thanks – you’re right, I probably will need some lighter items as we move into spring. Assuming this present cold snap doesn’t stick around that is. I’ve been trying to make things that I can easily alter post-pregnancy but trousers don’t seem to fit that criteria as easily as other things. If it would warm up a bit, I could start wearing more dresses, but right now, all I want to wear are cosy jumpers and jeans!

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