Brownies. Mmmm.

Last week, Ken made brownies. I’ve only ever made brownies out of a packet before – the kind where the mix comes in a box and you add an egg and some water and then, viola, you have brownies.

But Ken made the real thing. And they were awesome. This isn’t the exact recipe, but it’s close.

This was the second successful recipe* we’ve made from the Darina Allen Cookery Course cookbook we got for Christmas (thanks Ben and Sarah). So far I’m impressed.

These brownies were more cake-like and less dense than some I’ve had but the texture was fantastic and they were super delicious. And Ken reckons they weren’t even that hard to make. A definite recommendation.

* We did have one failure when I tried to make ice cream. I’m not entirely sure what went wrong, but it went horribly wrong and made a huge mess. I suspect it was my fault, not the recipe.


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