The ultimate battle? Shakey vs. the Grumpasaurus

A couple weeks ago, as I neared the completion of my basket weave cardigan, I decided to start looking at what I’d like to knit for the new baby. With the exception of a blanket, I hadn’t made anything yet but was getting inspired by some super cute cardigans made over at Kitty Couture.

Ravelry is full of baby’s patterns, as you would expect. And several are now queued up in case I get loads of time to make them all. But I was immediately struck by the need to make The Grumpasaurus right away. I put away all other knitting and cast on straight away.

The pattern is fairly simple if you’re comfortable knitting in the round. The comb on top of the head and down the back is particularly cute and simple to make. It’s a pretty quick project and super cute, don’t you think?

We introduced Shakey to The Grumpasaurus and this is what happened…

Initial interest is shown - what is this new thing in my house?

First contact is made...

Shakey seems rather unimpressed.

Never fear – no harm came to Shakey or the Grumpasaurus. Shakey left him alone. I don’t think they’re going to be best buds though. Never mind – this particular Grumpasaurus is a present for the lovely Ms V, who is due to give birth about the same time as me.

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