A final maternity dress

Back in September, I treated myself to a fabric spending spree on Goldhawk Road to purchase lots of knit fabrics for making maternity clothes. This past week, I finished the final item to be made from that stash.

I originally bought this wool jersey to make a top, but decided a dress would be easier to adjust post-maternity, so I could (hopefully) get more wear out of it. I’ve had the pattern for years and have never been inspired to use it – it was used this time because it was easy to adjust to a knit and didn’t require much fabric.

The hardest part of this whole project was getting the jersey to fold on the grain – it was cut in a very wonky way, so adjusting the layers so I could fold the selvedges in towards each other (thus creating two fold edges on which to cut the front and back peices side by side) too longer than any other part of the process.

So do I love it? It’s a nice fabric but I’m not in love. Not certain if this is because nothing looks that chic at my current size or I don’t like the dress itself. I guess we’ll see what happens when I modify it post maternity. In the meantime, I’m so bored of wearing the same 4 t-shirts, 2 jumpers and/or 2 dresses, this will be a welcome addition.

Finally, this may be a little odd, but I’m dedicating this post to my boss and friend, Amber Miro, who died suddenly this past week. She always showed an interest in what I was sewing and I remember having a long conversation with her about how I was going to sew maternity clothes I could mod for post-maternity wear. I always wrote these posts with her in mind as one of my readers. She’ll be very sorely missed.


2 thoughts on “A final maternity dress

  1. Lovely dress Jeni – and a lovely tribute to Amber. I always enjoy seeing what you have been making. Look forward to seeing you model the dress now spring has arrived in London.

  2. This is a lovely dress – and a lovely tribute to dedicate it o Amber. So sorry to hear of her death. From what you’ve said about her, I’m sure you miss her a lot.

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